Medical Billing Consulting & Teaching In Toms River, NJ

Medical Consulting
Versatile Physicians Solutions range of consulting services and programs are designed to help your organization maximize profits. From financial forecasting to governance issues, policy and process development to coding and chart analyses, our consulting services pay for themselves. We will completely dissect the company structure and work with your staff to learn to properly manage all aspects of the business, like how to identify errors, coding correctly, missing documentation, unbundling codes etc. We can also educate your staff on medical terminology, billing, coding, management of medical records, HIPPA, and medical laws and regulations.

We offer both interim and long-term consulting services, depending on your specific requirements or objectives. Regardless of the length of the engagement, however, VPS always considers itself a partner rather than a consultant.

Record Checking  — Medical Billing consulting in Toms River, NJ
Medical Auditing
We will review your practice's charts from the time of the exam to decision making with our medical auditing services. We will ensure your doctors have all the right data and criteria to provide the best level of service and care to their patients.
Consulting Programs and Services:

  • Billing Analysis & Consulting
  • Education & Training
  • HIPAA & Corporate Compliance
  • Credentialing
  • Medical Billing Consulting
  • Coding Consulting